Known in the world over as the sprawling capital of Spain, Madrid is the perfect destination for those wanting to soak up the lovely European sun and fuddle fantastic wine over delicious foods whilst wandering between fascinating classical architectures and magnificent fine arts.

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The royal Buen Retiro Park

The famous New York’s Central Park is Madrid’s Buen Retiro – once a restricted breathtaking park to Madrid’s royal family, today a public park that anyone including tourists can access.

The royal atmosphere has never been this exciting and exploring the fascinating artifacts on the park’s grounds is such a remarkable and unforgettable camera friendly experience. One of the notable artifacts is the infamous El Angel Caído (a depiction of Lucifer being banished from the heavens). To honor Spain’s conquests from the past, there is the Palacio de Cristal exhibiting the tropical plants of the Philippines.

Almost about anywhere you turn in the park are wonderful things like the very entrance gate which is the enchanting Puerta de Alcalá.

The ground zero, La Puerta del Sol

Spain’s squares are everywhere, and from a bird’s eye view, you can see an infinity of fascinating geometric shapes courtesy of Spain’s talented city engineers.

La Puerta del Sol serves as the focal point of Spain’s distances. So if you get lost walking about the city, just trace your steps from where you are until you get to the zero distance which is this square.

To have the most fun out of this square is to visit it during the new year, because you won’t only see the remarkable gateway with a sun symbol but feel the exhilaration and true purpose of its popular clock at Casa de Correos, chiming gloriously to mark the new year. This is a fascinating way to spend your new year.

The classy and elegant Prado Museum

How do you feel standing in the midst of over 7,000 artworks? Awe inspiring is not even enough to capture the excitement of seeing various art collections when you visit the Prado Museum which was designed the very Juan de Villanueva himself in the 18th century.

The twist is that you’ll see pieces from the 12th century which for me is just synonymous with time travel. Marvel at the museum’s fascinating immortal pieces such as the “The 2nd of May and The 3rd of May” by Goya, “The Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest” by El Greco, and the beautiful “Las Meninas” by Velázquez.

Experience the rampaging bulls of Plaza Mayor

Built in 1619, burnt in 1970, the historical Plaza Mayor has witnessed destruction over and over again yet it’s still standing and proud. What you will love about this fascinating architectural wonder are the beautiful frescoes and balconies ornamented with wrought-iron railings and spires.

You will also see King Philip III’s horseback riding statue at the center of the plaza. It is said that some visitors still hear the thrilling roars of rampaging bulls since the plaza was used for bullfights. Now it serves the tourists’s musing with attractive shops and sublime restaurants.

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