Memories are what punctuate and spice up life to become more meaningful. Trudging and rocketing up and down hills is one best enjoyment that makes a colorful and fantastic holiday vacation. USA is one best rich destination with variety of sledding hills and has for a long time remained ahead in seducing tourists from different parts of the globe. The following therefore are some of the fast and furious sledding hills in the USA.

Firecracker Tubing Hill in Telluride, Colorado

Firecracker Hill is located to the southern part of Telluride Town Park. It is one rich hill with variety of sledding packages. The environment that is presented in this place is a rocky one that suits various sledding activities.

There are various snowy fields and many ice-frozen skating ponds. Sledding combined with drinking is very much enjoyable in this awesome place. Sledding equipment are rented from Nordic Centre. Firecracker Hill is one popular hill suitable for sledding in the USA.

The Swallow Cliff Woods Sledding Hill in Chicago USA

This is both a long and steep hill located to the southern part of Chicago. It rises to over 100 feet high making it a very high hill in the Southern Chicago. Most of the people do appreciate it for the various stairs that are in this hill. It is open to any traveler that wants to enjoy sledding activities.

Lot of improvements is being done in this hill to enhance the sledding activities. It is open to 9 pm in the evening.

The Pioneers Park

The Pioneers Park is another rich, furious and fast sledding hill in the USA. There are two ramps set at the top of the hill where clients starts their sledding activities. It covers up to over 1400 acres of land and is suitable for sledding at any season and time of the year.

During winter seasons, the park is open right from 7 am in the morning to late in the evening. Pioneers Park is one must not miss sledding hill in the USA.

The Mad River Mountain

This is found in the Valley Hi in Ohio USA. There is one well groomed sledding hill that consists of up to ten lanes that rolls for 1000 feet. There is a full night tubing that goes on up to late in the midnight and hence the name Midnight Madness’.

This park is available for visits from Thursday to Sunday and at some days over the holiday. The place is however very cold and hence travelers prefer bundling up when gearing themselves up for sledding in this place.

Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis

This is situated in the Golden Valley four miles away from Minneapolis town. Available in this place are various cross country trails, towing ropes, snow covered grounds and restaurants. Sledding equipment is offered in this place and you won’t miss the various snowboarding programs. Nonetheless, Theodore Wirth Park is also a popular skiing destination alongside sledding activities.


USA is one dream destination in case you are looking for a perfect destination for sledding hills. Apply for your ESTA online today from and get a chance to travel to one of the above fast and furious sledding hill of USA.

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